Silver and Rhodium Plated Jewelry – Taking Care of Your Fine Jewelry

Silver and Rhodium Plated JewelryPossessing some sort of prestigious piece such as silver rings should be undertaken together with a close look on the foreseeable future. Similar to all treasured metals, sterling silver’s value grows after some time, and one day your rings may eventually develop into a expensive household heirloom, therefore looking after the item right now might only pay dividends later on. Nonetheless, to comprehend the appropriate treatment and maintenance of your respective sterling silver jewelry it is 1st important to look into sterling silver’s background.

Both silver and sterling silver are generally cherished metals, and both tightly linked, but they’re not identical. Real silver is quite tender and as a result will not hold its form; sterling silver was devised as a more durable type of this particular highly malleable and lustrous material, lending its hard wearing attributes to the creation of often worn rings.

Sterling silver is actually 92.5 % true silver; the remaining 7.5 percent is made of an alloy, typically copper or perhaps zinc. Sterling silver tarnishes, this can be caused by a reaction involving the silver as well as the sulfur that contains oxygen particles from the atmosphere. The following guideline offers you many useful tips about keeping your silver gems jewelry in the condition you wish intended for upcoming years.


Store your sterling silver jewelry in a darkish, cool location away from direct the sun’s rays or various other sources of intense high temperature such as radiators. A perfect location is in a jewelry container in amidst your clothes.

Cleansing and Polishing

With time, sterling silver will produce a mellow patina due to ‘Oxidization’, which often results in an ‘Antique’ look in which tarnish builds up in the fine details supplying your sterling silver jewelry a beautifully special air. You may or may not value this particular aspect; you should consider this previous to doing any attempts at cleaning your jewelry.

The Dos and Don’t

Please take your silver jewelry off previous to using suntan cream, dermis ointments, and cooling off in salt water.

Never put on your jewelry when dealing with detergents, bleaches, ammonia or even alcohols; these substances can cause discoloration, deterioration and loosen any gemstones.

Under no circumstances apply an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or even any inorganic products to thoroughly clean opaque gems. They are a porous gemstone and could take in chemical compounds, which usually build up inside the gemstone and lead to discoloration. Simply wash them carefully with a soaked soft material until finally clean.

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Care

Some silver jewelry is actually plated with rhodium; this is made to make your jewelry tarnish proof. Caring for rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry requires a different technique in comparison with non-plated sterling silver jewelry.

Clean it with a soft polishing towel or fine cleaner, but under no circumstances employ inorganic based silver cleaners simply because this can ruin the rhodium surface plus the inlaid gems.

If you own vintage sterling silver jewelry or perhaps rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry most of us suggest that you seek professional guidance from your community jeweler who will be able to instruct you on the very best brand names of jewelry cleansing solutions close to you.

All Ladies Love Fashion Jewelry

All Ladies Love Fashion JewelryEvery man wonders what gift to buy the special woman in their life and every man should immediately turn to fashion jewelry. Many men believe that women only appreciate jewelry for very special occasions such as a marriage proposals or anniversaries, but fashion jewelry is a great idea for any gift for that special lady in their life. Women love fashion jewelry for many reasons but fundamentally it comes down to having a constant reminder that someone loves them and thinks about them when they are not around.

Fashion jewelry is universally loved by women because it is a way for them to express themselves creatively. Any dress can be made even more special by adding the personal touch of a necklace or brooch. This allows a woman to wear a dress that might be worn by others at the same event but still feel that they stood out in some very meaningful way. When that fashion jewelry was given to them by a loved one, it is made even more special and makes for a great conversation starter when meeting new people.

Jewelry also accents clothing. So a plain dress or blouse can be made to look fantastic with the right jewelry. When a man buys woman jewelry, he has potentially given her the gift of a handful of new outfit ideas. Every time she wears these old but new outfits, she will think of the man that thought of her and helped save some of her long forgotten and neglected dresses and love him for it.

Women also love jewelry because it is pretty. Every woman has a favorite color or a favorite stone that reminds them of some event or person in their life. Sometimes it is as simple as picking up a ring or necklace that contains a birth stone or finding a stone that is the same color as a favorite shirt. As with every other reason fashion jewelry makes a great gift for women, it all comes down to the fact that women love to feel wanted and considered by the man in their life.

So no matter the occasion, one of the best gifts a man can gift his woman is fashion jewelry. It will provide a surprise that will make a long treasured memory. It is those memories that matter more than anything else in the life of a relationship. It also shows a woman that she is loved well and remove any doubts that her significant other is committed to her. This is especially true when the gift is given for a non-traditional holiday such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. A great holiday to consider giving jewelry is New Year’s Eve when a woman often believes that her significant other has already given her all of the gifts on Christmas. It is also a great idea to give jewelry for no reason at all. A “just because” gift can help a woman feel truly appreciated in a relationship and motivate her to return that love.

Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Fashion JewelryAffordable fashion jewelry is all the rage in current times. Gone are the days when women considered true gems and precious metals as jewelry and wore them on occasions; nowadays, with the advent of faux jewelry available in a variety of combination of precious and semi precious metals and stones, women have innumerable options for accessorizing their costumes.

The big and entertainment capitals of the world will have lots to offer to women who are shopping for jewelry. Along with fashionable brands, exquisite jewel merchants, for those who like to go for modern, affordable jewelry for casual days and evenings, has a number of options for them.

Affordable fashion jewelry

Truly Bling is one such brand which specializes in bling jewelry for ladies and even pets. This brand also has its online shop whereby you can discover custom jewelry in its myriad different forms – from sterling silver, to diamond studded pieces, Swarovski crystals to silver, gold, semi precious stones – all combined into stunning, authentic pieces which can range from classic designs to funky, ultra modern styles.

Bling jewelry is so much fun and can cater to all segments of women and even men. Bling, as popularized by the hip hop trends, represents flashy, ostentatious jewelry, even extending to accessories such as tooth caps, watches and so forth. You can choose from a wide array of necklaces, from elegant to gypsy styles, from necklace and earring sets to rings, belts for men and so forth. With the last few years making most tourists cost conscious, the trend has moved more towards affordable fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry fits the bill for most with a touch of precious stones and metals and oodles of style, urbanism to match every type of outfit in one’s wardrobe.

Affordable fashion jewelry – theme style shopping

There are many open air centre for shopping, dining and entertainment venues within the same area. Located in the city, it is a great place to go shopping, pamper you at a spa, savor the local cuisines in any of the restaurants there and so forth. You will also find many lifestyle shops which offer fashion jewelry of different types and styles. If you have a certain outfit in mind, you could browse through the different stores till you find what you need.

Within the Le Boulevard district, one can find several shops which cater to French fashion, jewelry and so forth. If you are ready to splurge, you may find traditional as well as faux jewelry in stunning designs and styles which could add a touch of glamour to any outfit. French faux jewelry, with a touch of class and modernism, provide a unique style statement to flaunt.

The list is endless. The Shoppes located at The Palazzo, The Tower Shops, The Boulevard Mall and many others exist in the city to provide a scintillating experience to shoppers from all over the world. Whatever the type of affordable fashion jewelry you are looking for, you are sure to find your style amongst the numerous shops in this city.

Fashion Tips on Wearing Jewelry And Beads

Fashion Tips on Wearing Jewelry And BeadsHave you recently bought new beads, and just can’t come up with a good way to wear them quite yet? It might be the change of the season, a change of taste, or simply a lack of ideas that might be hindering your ability to wear those beads with fashion flair. Try some of these new glitterati-approved fashion tips in order to get the best foot forward with your new jewelry.
Buy beads and jewelry that match your skin tone. Cool skin tones look best in silver, while warmer (golden) skin tones look better with gold. If you have colored beads, try to match cooler skin tones with blue-based colors, and warmer skin tones with red or yellow-based colors.
A great way to look as classy as CoCo Chanel is to mix your jewelry materials. Mix big chains with small, wooden beads with glass, or gold with silver. Variety is the spice of life!
Jewelry calls for a certain amount of matching when it comes to size, too. A ring that is small and dainty belongs on a small hand. Larger fingers call for bigger, bolder gems. Likewise, a giant chain is going to look ridiculous on a tiny woman.
Believe it or not, matching the material of your jewelry to your outfit really will put forth a certain mood in some cases. Matching metal jewels to a silver outfit will create a high fashion, futuristic touch. Adding gold hoop earrings to a long skirt will call people back to the age of the wandering, beautiful gypsy. Meanwhile, adding wooden beads to a green and brown ensemble will likely add to its already earthy appeal.
If you can’t find a bracelet, necklace, or anklet that you like on the market, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Consider getting one custom made, or start beading as a hobby. Nothing should stop you from getting your own personal style.
Looking for a unique way to dress up your hair? A newer trend among many celebs is to start wearing beads in your hair. This usually works best with wooden beads, plastic pony beads, or specialized ones. Now that’s glam hair!
During the fall, one of the best ways to get a very smart, classy, and season appropriate looks is to use jewelry to mimic the fall colors.
Big, glitzy gems and crystal beads are a must when you are going out to the club, to a party, or to a hot night out with friends. However, these aren’t good choices during work days, nor are they a wise idea during more solemn meetings.
There is a thing as too much jewelry. Getting the right amount of jewelry without looking overbearing is a balancing act that many women still have to master. Don’t wear large earrings and large necklace beads at the same time. Choose one or the other. If your belt is over the top, choose a necklace over a bracelet. You need to balance out the bulk of your jewelry in both location and size.

Be Inspired By the Beauty of the Panther Jewelry

Panther JewelryWhen it comes to finding the best possible jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, you’ll need to look at all of the different options. But there are so many that tracking down the perfect piece can be difficult to do. When you want something stunning and beautiful, taking a look at the panther jewelry available today may be able to give you exactly what you’re looking for.

The panther jewelry isn’t for everyone, but it does offer a combination of sophistication, elegance, and stunning design that really helps it stand out as something special in the jewelry world. Each piece in the collection is inspired by the animal it takes its name from, so you can expect sleek designs that encompass a hint of mystery, wonder, and raw natural beauty. But while all of these points are important aspects of what this line of jewelry has to offer, there are still plenty of different things you’ll have to consider in order to ensure that you’re getting the right jewelry item when you make your purchase.

To begin with, you’ll want to find the right type of item. There are numerous options in the panther jewelry line, and there really is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a necklace, a pendant, a bracelet, or a beautiful ring, you’ll need to take your time and make sure you’re getting the right kind of item. If you’re buying for a loved one, think about what types of jewelry they already own and which ones they seem to love and buy accordingly. If you’re buying for yourself, this process is a little easier.

Now you’ll have to figure out which of the panther jewelry items you’ve selected is the right one. The obvious thing to start with here is price. You’ll find options in all price ranges when you start looking at the panther jewelry that’s available to you. As a result, it’s easy to narrow down your choices so that you’re only looking at those that are actually in your budget.

Once you’ve narrowed down your selection you’ll need to figure out just which one you’re interested in buying. This final step involves taking a look at features like material, karat size, and overall design. There are plenty of choices when you shop for the panther jewelry, and it’s as much fun to look through your choices as it is to actually buy one and wear it.

If you’re looking for the panther jewelry item that’s perfect for you or for that special someone, just taking the time to make sure you’re choosing wisely is the best move you can make. There are plenty of different reasons to go with one of these beautiful items, and plenty of ways to find the right one. If you’re serious about making a great impression and letting someone know how much you cherish them, this is jewelry that you can’t pass up. Just like the wild creature that bears its name, it’s jewelry that will amaze.

Aristocrat Crystal Jewelry

Aristocrat Crystal JewelryWomen like Crystal jewelry to wear them in the party and other occasion. Women feel more energetic while wearing them in the party. They are beautiful and they have a lot of passion and craze. Women are eager to buy jewelry. They want to make the environment more energetic and they want to make themselves more stylish. They are highly preferred by the women who want to make themselves beautiful. They are available in different precious stones and they are studded on the precious materials. Sometimes diamonds, emerald, sapphire pearls, ruby are there to make the jewelry beautiful and gorgeous.

There are precious materials such as gold, silver, bronze, platinum etc. They are used to make the jewelry beautiful. The jewelry is attractive to all. Women want to wear the jewelry to make them beautiful at their occasion. The jewelry is attractive enough to make the women charm. They can make the surroundings charming. They have always a positive power. There are different designs on the crystal jewelry. They are available in flower, fruits, cap, feather, shoe, leaf, crown etc. They make the atmosphere charming as they are energetic.

Women want to make their party more enjoying by wearing jewelry. They are enough attracted with the beauty and energetic look of the jewelry. Women want to buy Crystal jewelry for their party. They have a lot of excitement for the jewelry. They prefer it to make them more handsome. Jewelry becomes a dressing factor of the women. They are crazy and they have a passion about the jewelry. Women want to have a lot of pleasure from the jewelry. There are different ranges of the jewelry according to the stone, metal, size, color etc. women can collect the right one for their purpose.

Women are crazy about the Crystal Jewelry. They have a long desire to wear the jewelry. They want to impress the people in their occasion and they want to make themselves more stylish. Women want to impress the guests of their party too. There are different colors which make the women charm. Jewelry includes earrings, chain, ring, cuff links, watches etc. Women want to make themselves beautiful and gorgeous with the help of the jewelry. It makes women more glamorous and attractive.

Antique Pearl Jewelry – Guide before Buying

Antique Pearl JewelryAntique pearl jewelry is classified as being over 100 years old. This means that any type of pearl jewelry from the 1809’s back is considered to be antique. However, there are many others that will classify antique as being over fifty years old. There are many different styles of this type of jewelry which include Victorian, Edwardian and other styles going back to the Middle Ages. There are many different styles of jewelry that this category includes. Rings, necklaces, earrings, pins, broaches, hair ornaments and screws, as well as bracelets, cufflinks and tie tacks, just to name a few of the items that are considered under this category.

There are many different types of antique pearl jewelry that can be found and many famous makers such as Tiffany that can be included in the antique category. There are many places that sell this type of jewelry to the public and these places can be online or in a physical location. By entering search text such as antique pearl jewelry, you will soon be presented with a list of possible web sites for you to explore in order to find this particular jewelry. Many estate auctions and auction houses also sell this type of jewelry.

Now, if you have antique pearl jewelry, you may want to know how to take care of it. Well here are some ideas on how to clean this type of jewelry safely. First of all clean pears with a mild soap and water solution. Wipe your pearls with a soft lint-free cloth and never store them with other jewelry. Don’t use abrasive cleaners and keep your pearl necklaces clean by putting them on after you have applied makeup and perfume to keep them from being soiled. Make sure that you have a separate place for all pearl necklaces and jewelry.

So now you have some idea of how to clean antique pearl jewelry. Other things to remember about cleaning and storage include the following: Don’t use steam, ultrasonic cleaners, baking soda, commercial jewelry cleaners or bleaches when cleaning antique pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry needs special care to take care of properly. By taking care of your pearl jewelry, you will be able to pass it on, if you would like or even sell it. A piece of jewelry that is taken care of properly is not only worth more, but also a beauty to behold.