Good Wedding Photography Locations Around Hawaii

Lisa & Gerald Waikiki Wedding1
For wedding photography, Hawaii is probably the best island in the country.  For five of the city’s best wedding photography locations, keep reading.

Waimanalo Beach

 It’s hard to go wrong at Waimanalo Beach, the grounds are massive, but also pristine and positively stunning. With blue waters, flowers and beautiful foliage, the beach makes for an incredible backdrop setting for your Hawaii wedding photos.


KoOlina  Is on the west side of Oahu, Best place for a wedding during sunset and an amazing setting with a romantic beaches and a locale that simply embodies the island

It’s free to take photos in on paradise cove beach, but be prepared to compete with other wedding parties, especially if you’re shooting during high season. To avoid disappointment, set aside some extra photography time in case you run into another weddings

North Shore of Oahu

Sunset Beach is one of the most famous locations for giant surf sunset and wedding locations in Hawaii. With its wide yellow sand beaches and gorgeous green mountain backdrops  it’s a great spot for wedding photography. Hawaii Wedding photographers should know the location well.

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